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Great Hall

Great Hall

Tree house

Tree house

Living room area in Great Hall

Living room area in Great Hall

Kitchen Great Hall Tree house Living room area in Great Hall

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House in Tepoztlan, Mexico

We are looking for an exchange for Christmas/New Years 2014! We have 2 homes to offer you. We have a 2 bedroom modern condominium in Coyoacan, Mexico City and our lovely country home an hour outside the city located in a gorgeous mountain Mexican pueblo village. Our country home is located in a quiet neighborhood 10 minutes walking distance from the town center. We are on 2 acres and the house is 6000 sq. feet or 500 sq. meters. There are 4 bedrooms available to our guests (one of the bedrooms is a suite with a king size bed and private balcony featuring an outside fireplace and full bath). The second bedroom has a king size bed and 2 single beds. The third bedroom has a Queen size bed and the fourth room has a double bed. There are 3 full bathrooms.
There is an office/bedroom with desktop computer, including internet connection and couch.
The main living area is a great hall (open plan) with a fire place, living room, dining area, children's playing area and large fully equipped kitchen.
We have a fruit producing orchard with mandarine, orange, lime, peaches, banana, apple, mango and avocado trees, depending on the season. We also have a hammock, a tree house, a large sandbox (with beach sand), tire swing, and regular swings. Our yard is great for children who enjoy exploring and climbing trees.
We have a wonderful housekeeper/nanny who has been working with us for 4 years. She is available for daily housekeeping, light cooking and occasional babysitting at 300 pesos per day, if you'd like.
We also have a Ford Escape SUV for exchange. There is also plenty of public transportation.

I will add photos of our modern 2 bedroom 2 full bath condominium in Mexico City. It is brand new with panoramic views, swimming pools and jacuzzis overlooking the city, a game room, plenty of shopping, restaurants, etc. within a 5 minute walk.
We will treat your home with care as if it were our own!

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Our home is located in a beautiful prehispanic, cobblestoned mountain village called Tepoztlan (population 35,000). Tepoztlan is located in the state of Morelos, 50 minutes from Mexico City and 25 minutes from Cuernavaca. We also offer a brand new modern 2 bedroom condominium in Mexico City. Our small Mexican village in the mountains is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. It has a temperate to warm climate year-round and draws artists, yoga enthusiasts, and interesting people who love Mexico for its color, food and friendly people. Tepoztlan is really unique. It is safe and close-knit community that embraces diversity. There is no extreme poverty here. There are no beggars like one often encounters in other parts of Mexico and Latin America. It is an important archaelogical site. Archaelogical pyramids dating 3,000 years old are currently being excavated. Tepoztlan has a pyramid that overlooks the entire town and valley. It is a 1 hour hike to reach it from the town center and features a panoramic view of the town and valley.
Tepoztlan has excellent restaurants, weekly live music venues, art galleries, a prehispanic museum, an auditorium, cultural events, artisan and esoteric shops, hiking paths, waterfalls during the rainy season (Rainy season is late June to mid October), a traditional outdoor food market, a weekly organic produce market, health food stores, a fine chocolate shop/lounge, coffee houses, arts and craft shops, ancient temazcal (traditional sweat lodges), spas, and much more. It really has something for everyone.
To see a video of Tepoztlan check out: http://www.rincondemitierra.com/video/Tepoztlan/#Tepzotlan
Salsa and music fans will LOVE going to El Telon to hear the incredible Oscar Bolanos and his Santa Rumba band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MBL5X7iMOc
To learn more about what Tepoztlan has to offer check out: http://www.hotelbuenavibra.com/ingles/about.php
Cuernavaca, only 25 minutes away, is known as the "Land of Eternal Spring" and has a rich historical area, a mall, movie theatres, a cathedral, children's museum, parks, excellent restaurants, Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart, etc. Local buses leave Tepoztlan center every 15 minutes for Cuernavaca.
Amatlan, is located only 10 minutes by car from Tepoztlan and is the birthplace of Quetzacoatl. It has wonderful hiking areas and an annual corn festival and music festival.
Acapulco is 3 1/2 hours away and there are 1st Class buses that leave from Cuernavaca several times a day. Oaxaca is about a 7 hour bus ride and Puebla about 2 1/2 hours away and the picturesque silver mining town of Taxco is an hour and 15 minutes away. These are all very worthwhile destinations to visit.
Mexico City is 50 minutes away where you can take a boat ride at Xochimilco, the floating market, visit Chapultepec Park, the largest park within a city in the world, see Diego Rivera murals, the cathedral, the ruins of Tenochtitlan (the Aztec Empire),  the National Palace, visit Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology and the Frida Kahlo Museum in the Bohemian neighborhood of Coyoacan. There is much to do in Mexico City!



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