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In this Policy, we explain our practices regarding Personal Data and Privacy and present the choices you can make about the way your data is collected and used. Please note that our Website contains links to other sites and this Privacy Policy applies solely to information collected by this Website.

Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings assigned to them in the Terms of Use - Intervac Trust Agreement.


  1. Our Website and services may only be used for non-commercial individual home exchange purposes.

  2. When a Member joins Intervac, he agrees not to contact other members of Intervac for any other purpose than to arrange a personal home exchange.

  3. Anyone who contacts Intervac members for any other purpose than to arrange a personal home exchange will be immediately barred from Intervac and face severe penalties starting at, but not limited to, $125 per member contacted.

Gesammelte Personendaten

  1. Wir sammeln zwei Arten von Daten: Daten, die Sie uns zur Verfügung stellen, und Daten, die wir automatisch sammeln.

  2. When you become a Member, you are asked to provide data about you and your Property. During your use of the Website, other data may be requested.

  3. Alle angegebenen Informationen können Sie jederzeit aktualisieren.

  4. Wir sammeln folgende Arten von Daten:

    1. Account
      Wenn Sie Mitglied werden, sammeln wir Informationen, die dazu dienen mit Ihnen Kontakt aufzunehmen oder Sie zu indentifizieren, wie z.B. Name, Mail-Adresse, Telefonnummer, Handynummer, Geburtstag oder Postadresse. Ihr Name und Ihre Telefonnummer werden anderen Mitgliedern mitgeteilt, wenn sie Ihr Angebot ansehen. Wenn Sie Ihre Tausch-Termine oder Ihre Wunschziel-Liste angeben, werden diese Angaben ebenfalls den anderen Mitgliedern sowie Gästen mitgeteilt. Andere persönliche Daten wie Ihre Mail-Adresse werden auf der Webseite nicht sichtbar und bleiben vertraulich.
    2. Angebot
      Your Listing contains information about the Property offered for exchange. Your Listing’s main photo is presented to Guests and Members. You can choose to have a generic picture for the main photo, although we recommend using a photo of your Property to increase your chances of exchange. The “Lifestyle text” and the “About Our Family” text as well as all the photos (apart from the main photo) may be public or visible to other members only, at your discretion. Your Listing’s geographic location may be public, private or visible to other members only, at your discretion. When private, the geographic location will only be used to present your listing correctly in searches but it will not be visible at all when viewing the Listing. The “Listing Headline”, the “Home description text” and all other information about your Property that you choose to enter are also presented to Guests and Members.
    3. Korrespondenz
      Wenn Sie mit anderen Mitgliedern oder mit uns kommunizieren, sammeln wir die von Ihnen gewählten Informationen zum Zweck des Wohnungstauschs. Sie kööne sie jederzeit löschen, aber des Mitglied, an das Sie sie übermitttelt haben, kann sie evtl. speichen.
    4. Navigation
      When you visit another Listing as a logged in Member, we keep that information and show it in the other Member’s statistics page. When you add a Member as a Favorite, we may notify the other member that you did so, as a way to encourage a possible exchange.
    5. Zahlung
      When you sign up as a Member, we or our third-party payment provider may collect your financial information such as your name, address, credit card number or PayPal account number or other information to process transactions.
    6. Weitere Informationen
      You may choose to provide us with information by filling in a form, activating Match Alert, or using other features on the Website.


  1. Unsere Webseite verlangt, dass Cookies aktiviert sind.

  2. Personal information may be collected by cookies, which are pieces of data stored by a web browser that contains information relating to the use of the Website. A cookie can not read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites.

  3. Unsere Webseite benutzt eigene Cookies und soche von Drittanbietern, umd die Interaktionen der Benutzer zu verfolgen.

  4. Our cookies are used solely for the purpose of providing a better service, for example, they allow you the site to remember you Member credentials and not ask for them repeatedly

  5. Wir verwenden Google Analytics und nachzuverfolgen, wie Besucher unserer Webseite interagieren.

  6. Auf Sie zugeschnittene Werbung von Diensten wie Google oder Facebook kann evtl. geschickt werden, wenn Sie mit Cookies auf unserer Webseite aktiv waren.

Benutzen von persönlichen Daten

  1. Intervac ist bestrebt Ihre Daten weitestgehend zu schützen. Wir benutzen sie ausschließlich zu Zweck der Verbesserung des Wohnungstausch-Services.

  2. At no time will we sell, trade, rent or disclose your personal information to third parties unless we have obtained previous consent from you.

  3. Wir benutzen Ihre Daten für folgende Zwecke:

    1. zum Zweck von Wohnungstausch
      The main purpose of the data collected is to allow and encourage Home Exchange between our members.
    2. Transaktions-Zwecke
      We may use your personal information in order to respond to your queries and requests and to manage transactions such as credit card payments. The personal information you provide may be used by an authorized third party to fulfill that order.
    3. Marketing-Zwecke
      As a Member, you may occasionally receive email updates from us, including newsletters, special offers, important changes to the functionality of the Website or new services, These e-mail communications may be sent or personalized based on personal data provided. You may, at any time, decline to receive email updates by following the instructions included in each email received.
    4. Zwecke der Verwaltung und es Managements
      We may transfer your personal information to third parties under confidentiality obligations when the performance of any service in relation to the activities above is sub-contracted (e.g. the development of a website feature).
    5. Gesetzliche Zwecke
      We may collect, use or disclose your personal information if required to do so by law or where we believe such action is necessary in order to protect or defend us or other third parties against theft, fraud or any other illegal or harmful activity, to comply with our audit and security requirements as well as our legal and contractual obligations.
  4. Member information and Listings posted on the Intervac website may not under any circumstance be copied to another web site or presented in any other media for any purposes without explicit previous consent from the Member. Any offenders will be subject to severe penalties starting at, but not limited to, $125 per listing.

Schutz von Daten

  1. Die angegebenen persönlichen Daten werden zurückgehalten

    1. Solange Sie ein aktives Mitglied von Intervac sind
    2. For a period of five years after your account become inactive, so that if you decide to renew you don’t have to enter all your data again.
    3. Your name and email address will be retained for Marketing Purposes until you unsubscribe from such communications.
  2. If you wish to have your data removed, you may do by using the Profile Deletion tool. If the Profile Deletion tool is used, we will remove your Account, Listing and personal data from our active databases as soon as reasonably possible in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable law, typically within three (3) days. This means that the preceding points regarding Data Retention do not apply if the Profile Deletion tool is used.

  3. We may continue to store your personal information longer to allow us to resolve disputes, enforce agreements or comply with legal obligations.


  1. Wir benutzen akzeptierte technologische Sicherheitsstandards

  2. You are responsible for the strict confidentiality of your account password, and for access to your account by you or anyone using your password (that you previously provided to them), whether or not this specific access or use is authorized by you.

  3. You hereby agree to inform us immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or account, or any other security breach. You are solely responsible for monitoring the distribution and use of your password and the access to and use of your account.

Rechte der Mitglieder

  1. Sie können jederzeit die folgenden Rechte wahrnehmen, indem Sie uns unter kontaktieren.

  2. Als Mitglied haben Sie das Recht

    1. Zum Löschen Ihrer Daten benutzen Sie bitte das entsprechende Werkzeug ...erklärt in "Data Retention" Sektion
    2. Have part of your personal data removed
    3. Not have your personal data used for marketing purposes: for this, you can use the unsubscribe option in any marketing e-mail.
    4. Erhalten Sie Ihre Daten

Kontakt mit Intervac International

Falls Sie Fragen zu unseren Datenschutzbestimmungen haben, wenden Sie sich an Intervac International Home Exchange Holiday Service, PO Box 561, SE - 114 79 Stockholm, Sweden.

Änderungen des Datenschutzes

Wenn wir unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen ändern, werden wir Ihnen das auf unserer Homepage oder per Emmail mitteilen.