Isla Cristina, Spanien

Porch of the house in front of the garden

Porch of the house in front of the garden

Promenade to Islantilla

Promenade to Islantilla

Mall of Islantilla

Mall of Islantilla

Mall of Islantilla

Mall of Islantilla

Sunset on the beach of Urbasur

Sunset on the beach of Urbasur

Sunset on the beach of Urbasur

Sunset on the beach of Urbasur


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Holiday home in Isla Cristina, South of Spain

Our House is surrounded by a garden of 200 m2 and has a spacious porch. It is just 200 metres from the beach and the forest that extends 7 km in parallel to the sea to Isla Cristina. Due to its location allows you to enjoy a quiet holiday with easy access to the areas of leisure and entertainment of Islantilla, La Antilla and Urbasur: shops, bars, restaurants, supermarket, cinema, hotels, golf course, beach promenade, areas of small boats and sail boards hire....:

There are three shopping centers in Islantilla (La Dehesa, Varadero and La Hacienda), with all kinds of shops and also a multiplex cinema:



-Islantilla hosts an international film festival:


-At the top of the hill there is a magnificent 27-hole golf course:


-At the edge of the sea there are two sailing schools:



-Guided route through the marshes:
Tel: (+34) 64 60 29 003

-Walks along the Isla Cristina estuary:
Tel: (+34) 643 38 68 22

-Boat rental for sport fishing and walks by the sea:
Tel: (+34) 666 093 707

-Kart in La Antilla:
Tel: (+34) 656 71 70 26 / (+34) 610 43 12 45

-Information on other activities in the Urbasur-Islantilla-La Antilla area can be found at the Tourist Office:


 Our home is 15 km from the Algarve (Portugal), 40 km from Huelva and 130 kilometers from Seville.
In Seville you can see its great monuments that are world heritage of Unesco, such as the Cathedral (with the famous Tower of the Giralda):
The Alcazar, the oldest Royal Palace of Europe of Islamic origins:
And the Archivo de Indias:
And other sights and attractions like the Tower of gold, the Spain square, the Park of María Luisa, the Church of el Salvador, the Museum of fine arts (second Spain after the Prado), the churches of the famous Holy week images as the Macarena, Jesús del Gran Poder and the Cachorro, the Guadalquivir River, the Maestranza, the former tobacco factory....
At similar distance from Seville is Cordoba, with its fantastic Mosque, and a similar distance from Cordoba to the wonderful Alhambra, Granada.

Thus, the Beach House can serve as a starting point for wonderful excursions in Andalusia. Also, in the environment of the house in the beach  you can enjoy wonderful landscapes and protected natural areas such as:
-the fishing and sporting port of the Terrón
--the marshes of river Piedras and the arrow of Nueva Umbría (El Rompido) with nudist beaches:
-Boat trip to el Rompido arrow and the new Umbria Virgin Beach:
 Telephone: +34 669 862  013

-Boat trips along the coast from the international school of sailing El Rompido Huelva:
Telephone: +34 959 391 397
-Windsurf courses in El Rompido: Telephone +34 959 391 397
 -The marshes of Isla Cristina and Carreras river:
--The lagoon of Portil:
--In the area of Nuevo Portil bike rides: Telephone: +34 608 324 431
-Ayamonte. The Guadiana river crossing by boat to Portugal and night tours:
Telephone: + 34 959 470 617  /  +34 959 260 708   and  +34 660414 920
 --the mouth of the Guadiana river through which boat trips can be made to Alcoutim and Sanlúcar:
 Telephone: +34 959 470 874

-Crossing from Huelva to Punta Umbría by traditional and typical 'canoa' boat in front The River Odiel marshes:


"La Canoa de Punta Umbría"

C/Varaderos, s/n. C.P.21100 Punta Umbría (Huelva)

Telfno.959 31 19 01


-The River Odiel marshes with walks for nature (Telephone:  +34 959 524 334)
 --the Columbian places (Monastery of La Rabida with Vázquez Díaz paints), from where it departed Colon for the discovery of America. telephone Monastery:  +34 959 350 411


--The pier of the caravels hosts historical reproductions of vessels that Columbus discovered America:
 Telephone: + 34 959 530 597
--Guided visits to the Monument to the Discoverer Faith, dedicated to Columbus in the confluence of the rivers Tinto and Odiel, and the city of Huelva: Telephone: +34 959 260 708
-the Home/Museum of the poet Juan Ramón Jiménez, Nobel Prize in literature, in Moguer (also the monastery of the Clarisas, national monument):
 Telephone monastery: +34 959 371 898
Telephone museum Juan Ramón Jiménez: +34 959 372 148
 -the Doñana National Park, World Heritage site of Unesco and biosphere reserve, the most important natural area of Europe. For visit:

-Ride camel for the dune Park of Doñana (Matalascañas):
 Telephone:  +34 959 448 577

-Sanctuary of the Virgin of Rocío (his pilgrimage is the most important of the Christian world) and walks to horse by Doñana:
 Telephone: + 34  674 219 568
--Trails in Doñana off-road cars:
 Telephone: +34 959 430 432
 -Museum of the marine world, in Matalascañas, beach next to Doñana:
Telephone: + 34 959 448 241

In Sanlúcar de Guadiana, the zip-line that crosses over the river between Spain (Sanlúcar) and Portugal (Alcoutim):


 --Museum of brandy, wine and vinegar from Bodegas Rubio in La Palma del Condado:
Telephone: +34 959 400 743
 -The Mining Park Riotinto, where NASA has tested robots to travel to Mars. 
In 1873, the British Rio Tinto Company Limited undertook the exploitation of the mines of Riotinto, the largest mining complex and oldest in the world. Fruit of the British heritage are the curious neighborhood of Bellavista, the British hospital (today seat of the Mining Museum) and the train linking rio Tinto mines with the port of Huelva in parallel to river of same name. Today is still possible to take a tourist trip on a mining train to steam and enjoy the Martian landscapes of this region stained by the red color of the mineral and the waters of the River.
Telephone Foundation Riotinto/Museum: +34 959 590 025

 -In Nerva, next to Riotinto village, you can visit the Centre of modern art and contemporary Daniel Vázquez Díaz, dedicated to the painter, native of the town and figure prominent Spanish painting of the 20th century.

-To 30 Km from the mining Park, by roads which require caution by its many curves and already within the province of Seville, is a kind of reserve of animals that can appeal to the child in another old abandoned mine: the Reserve of the Castillo de las Guardas, with all kinds of bugs that live in semi-freedom:
 --The natural park of the Sierra de Aracena, with its precious white towns like Aracena, with the Castle, the Ham Museum, the Church of the Templars and the fantastic Gruta de las Maravillas (Cave of wonders) ; the Rock of Arias Montano, in Alájar; Cortegana, Galaroza, Fuenteheridos, Valdelarco, Linares…. and Jabugo, the town with a reputation of having the best ham in the world:
Telephone visit Cave of Wonders: +34 663 937 876 and +34 663 93 78 76
The tourist company 'La Gacela' organizes visits to the cave of wonders and the  Huelva mountains:
Other attractions:

Golf courses
 A 500 meters from our House is the:
 -Islantilla Golf Resort. Telephone: +34 959 48 60 39 /49. www.islantillagolfresort.com
Other nearby golf courses in the province of Huelva, from West to East:
 -Costa Esuri Golf Club (in Ayamonte) . Telephone: +34 959 328 028. www.costaesurigolfclub.com
 -Club de Golf Isla Canela (in Isla Canela/Ayamonte). Telepohe: +34 959 47 72 63
 -Golf Nuevo Portil (Cartaya). Telephone: +34 959 52 83 83
-Club de Golf El Rompido (in Cartaya): Telephone: +34 959 02 42 42
 -Club de Golf Bellavista (in Aljaraque). Telephone: +34 959 319 017
 -La Monacilla Golf Club (in Aljaraque). Telephone: +34 959 100 093
 -Golf Dunas de Doñana (in Matalascañas, beach next Doñana National Park). Telephone: +34 959 441 810
--Marinas where private vessels dock in Ayamonte, Isla Canela, Isla Cristina, El Rompido, Punta Umbría y Mazagón (only Province of Huelva, and then, rest of Andalusia).
-Kartódromo of Cartaya:
-Aquatic park of Cartaya:
Islantilla Hotels provides information on tours of all kinds on the beach: horseback riding, boats, paragliding...
-And this information about Huelva coast in the jorunal 'El País', in spanish:

-Cross the Guadiana river to Portugal through Ayamonte: Ayamonte is 19 kilometers along the 431 national highway, on the banks of the Guadiana River, which separates it from Portugal. Despite the existing modern bridge, the tradition of crossing the river by ferry to Vila Real de San Antonio (Portugal) to buy textile and other products survives. Information, in the following links:




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