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13 m swing in the backyard

13 m swing in the backyard



13 m swing in the backyard House

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July 04, 2021 - August 08, 2021 3 weeks

A beautiful Scandinavian family home i Gothenburg Sweden

We live on the second floor in a wooden two families house renovated in a typical Scandinavian style in 2007. We maintain and take care of our things, home and car carefully. You can expect everything you see, feel and smell to be fresh. The car is a Volvo V70 Summum with black leather seats (with 2 safety seats for kids). Both the interior and exterior are in really good condition. Gothenburg is a bike friendly city and you will have access to our bikes (two bikes for adults and two bikes for kids (6-9 years, 9-12 years)). All bikes are just a few years old and well maintained.

You will have your own outdoor terrass for barbecuing and eating. In the garden there is a 13! meter swing and 4 meter trampoline with safety net. Kids tend to love those things.

After learning from our first exchange in summer 2016 we have put together a list of things to do in Gothenburg - with and without kids - both as a "turist" and as a "native". If you have kids and want to bring a grandparent (or a pair of them) to be able to do things on your own once in a while, our home is well suited for that as well.

Sweden is a really clean and safe country so using public transportation is a good family alternative to walking, biking or driving.

Sweden has quite a unique law "the right of public access". This law means that there are splendid opportunities to experience nature in a way not possible in most countries. Please read more at: http://www.naturvardsverket.se/Om-Naturvardsverket/Publikationer/ISBN/8500/978-91-620-8522-3/.

This is a really useful link for visitors of Gothenburg: http://www.goteborg.com/en/

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