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December 15, 2023 - February 01, 2024 4 weeks

I will be in Europe between work gigs and my place with be empty and available between December 15th and February 1st. I am looking for a place to stay for a portion of that time - approximately December 17th through February 17th. I am open to anywhere in Europe! I realize Chicago is not as desirable in the winter, so I am open to an exchange that is not simultaneous. Write me a message with any questions and we can chat!


Unique Stay with Private Beach in Chicago!

I live in a very unique building in the neighborhood of Rogers Park in Chicago. My building sits right in the sand on Lake Michigan and has a private beach, boat room, and grilling area. My apartment has an east view of the lake and you will enjoy sunrises and moon rises right from the living room. You will hear the waves as you go to sleep. The view really is a dream.

Rogers Park is a 30 minute drive from downtown Chicago. It is right next to Evanston and very close to Nothwestern University and Loyola. There is a small gathering of restaurants and bars within walking distance in Jarvis Square. There is an express bus a block away that will take you downtown. There is also a paid parking garage a block away.

The apartment itself is vintage and in decent shape. It’s a one bedroom but has two beds, a queen and a full. I have my bedroom set up in the living room because I like to watch the moon rise from bed. There is also a bed in the bedroom for when I have guests. I have a fully functional kitchen and love to cook. But the kitchen is not the best - it needs new cabinets, but it’s fine! It has a dishwasher, stove, and oven.

Rogers Park is a very diverse and artsy neighborhood, very LGBT+ friendly, lots of beach lovers here.

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Rogers Park is located on the north side of Chicago, in fact, it is on the border. Go any farther north and you will be in Evanston - which is a fun place too, and home to Northwestern University and lots of good restaurants and shops.

The vibe is artsy, hippy, beach people, artists, dog friendly, diverse, and very LGBTW friendly.

The best part about Rogers Park is the beach, but there are also a few restaurants and walks that I can recommend. There's a nice beach path to a lighthouse that I will point out. There's a small gathering of restaurants and bars within walking distance. There is a very cozy wine shop around the corner that has live music sometimes and fun wine tastings.

But the best is to have a glass of wine here on the veranda and watch the moon rise!

To get downtown you can hop on the express bus which stops one block away. Or take the subway or "L" which stops three blocks away and will take you anywhere you like. If you rent a car, there is a garage on my block that costs $10/day. But I have a small car and usually park on the street without any trouble. Parking is an issue if you get home late though.

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  • Animator, Projection Designer


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I live alone in Chicago with my two small dogs. I am a freelance projection designer, animator, and artist. I will be in Europe for work this winter - my animation is going to be presented at the Orchestre de Paris, and also in Bonn, Germany. In between those performances I would love to stay in Europe and have some adventures. :)

My sister's family lives in the neighborhood just 5 minutes away by car. My parents are also not too far away in Michigan. I have a lot of friends in the neighborhood and love that it feels like a community here. My boyfriend lives in the building next door and he will be around if you need anything!

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I absolutely adore living in this building. I have many friends here, and my favorite place to be is on the beach. I have a paddle board in the boat room that you are welcome to use. There is also a bonfire every month - every time there is a full moon. I will make sure that if you are here during a full moon that you are invited! Lake Michigan is warm and swimmable from Mid June through mid September. It's shallow and sandy most of the time and I swim every morning during the summer months. In the winter you will enjoy a dramatic landscape. Sometimes the lake freezes over completely and it looks like the surface of the moon. Storms are also fun to watch from the window. I really am in love with living here, it's a magical place, a hidden gem, and I'm sure if you love the water you'll also be in love with it!

While the vibe in my building is mostly very laid back, there are some rules as there are lots of people living here, and some of them are in their older years. So there are quiet hours and some common-sense rules to follow.

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