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Flat in Madrid, Spain

We are a spanish family (mother, father, a 7 years-old daughter and a 4-years old son) that would like to exchange our house in Madrid. As it’s our main (and only) house, we should find the exactly same dates to exchange the appartment with anyone who wishes to come here.

Our house is located in the neighbourhood of Lavapies, in downtown Madrid (just 10 mins walking to Puerta del Sol). In Lavapies the streets are narrow and mostly pedestrian and, there are quite a lot of lively cafes and bars. It’s the most multicultural part of downtown Madrid with a lot of chinese delis, indian resataurants and latinamerican bars, and it’s also home to many art galleries and nice bookshops. It’s also very near to Reina Sofia Contemporary Art Museum (5 mins walking) ans Prado Museum (about 10 mins walking). The subway station is just 100 meters away from our house.  

The appartment is in the 4th floor of a seven story building, and you can enjoy natural light all day long. It’s also very quiet, because all the main windows point to a big and silent backyard. We think it’s perfect for children. The house has 110 q.mts. with a big living room, three bedrooms, a studyroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. There’s wifi, tv, and all the usual ammenities  a middle-class family enjoys.

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We are a family of two adults and two children. We have been living in a very lively neighbourhood in downtown Madrid, Lavapiés, for the last 8 years and we love it!


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