Plaisance-du-Touch, Frankreich

Our house in Plaisance du Touch, 14km west of Toulouse

Our house in Plaisance du Touch, 14km west of Toulouse


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We live in a confortable house in a village 20 minutes from Toulouse,2 km from a park with a small lake. The region is usually sunny and warm during summer.

We moved into our house 2 years ago. It has 2 bedrooms, one with the main bed and the second bedroom has got a spare bed .

Toulouse is the 4th biggest city in France, situated in the south-western part of France.
It is an ancient town, founded 200 by JC (by the Romans that introduced wine cultures). You can visit the historical center, with its museums , churches and "hôtels particuliers" which rich merchants built in the 15th century.

If you prefer shopping,Toulouse has an exellent shopping center.
Here is a site giving different propositions for visiting Toulouse: https://www.toulouse-tourisme.com
If you are interested in "Space, star consollations etc", this is an open museum for you : https://www.cite-espace.com/
Toulouse is an important city for its space and aeronautical industries, here are some aerocraft museums: http://www.musee-aeroscopia.fr/
Last but not least, let's visit airbus industries in Toulouse: https://www.toulouse-tourisme.com/airbus

In Plaisance you can find a famous Safari zoo, where a part is to be visited by car : http://www.zoo-africansafari.com/ and there is also a golf course with 18 holes ( golf de Téola )

Don't forget tasting the specialities of the region (cassoulet, wine, violet products like candies...), and strolling through the food and flea markets (we usually take our bikes to the one in Tournefeuille on Sundays). Here is Toulouse's website : http://www.toulouse.fr/ for more information.

If you like the montains, the Pyrénées are very beautiful summer as winter. You can easily go hillwalking, canoing or do other activities on a day-trip : http://www.lespyrenees.net/en/
Going to the Mediterranean sea is also possible for a day. The Atlantic sea is a bit further, but can be reached in three hours.

The "canal du midi" is a popular outing to go biking or just walking along : http://www.midicanal.fr/
Other places of interest are the Cathar vestiges, dating from 1000 after JC : http://www.payscathare.org/3-6270-Home.php
This is just an appetizer of all interesting things to do in the region. We just say "à bientôt".

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  • Schlafzimmer: 2
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  • Schlafplätze: 3
  • Wohnbereich: 97 m2
  • Gesamtfläche: 700 m2


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  • Ireland
  • Berlin, Germany
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Sweden

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  • Englisch
  • Französisch
  • Schwedisch

Unsere Wohnlage

Nächster Flughafen: Blagnac, Toulouse - 15 min, 10 km

Plaisance is a nice village, something in between the city and the countryside, with all facilities you need. For example, our nearest bakery is at ten minutes by bike, so you can get your fresh "croissants" every morning (very important in France); the nearest supermarket is at only five minutes by car.. Also, if you want to swim long distances, the nearest outdoor swimming-pool is at 2,5 km distance.

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  • 2 cats

Vorstellungstext über sich bzw. Ihre Familie

We have two daughters (Fanny and Lisa) who are thirty-five and thirty-two, both of them living in Toulouse.
We are usually travelling just the two of us but we're sometimes accompanied by one of our daughters.
Kerstin is Swedish and Michel French .
We have two cats, rescue cats,who have been living with us for 10 years now.They usually spend their nights outside but you might see them in a  sofa, sleeping, at daytime. We would be happy if you could feed them during your stay.

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