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Flat in Warszawa, Poland

  About flat….
       Our flat is quite large and cozy - especially we recommend it for families with teenagers.
Our flat contains a living room which is connected with kitchen. It has a balcony.
We have three bedrooms (two - one single bed, one with double bed)
It is comfortable for 4 persons but extra two persons can to sleep in living room (sofa).
There are two very small bathrooms (one shower with toilette and second with bath).
      Our flat is located in calm area, far from street traffic, but only 8 min to underground, where you can take a train to centre of Warsaw (trip takes 22 minutes).
     Our flat is also situated near preserve  forest, home of wild animals, it is a sports place too (e.g. play tennis) and relax.  We recommend bicycle's trip or walks to Powsin. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcO58K1MdfY).
We have tree bikes and there is a rent bikes near our home.

About your visit …..    

   You can spend time visiting many tourist's attractions in Warsaw
Please take a look
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warsaw            - information
http://www.ztm.waw.pl/index.php?l=2        -  public transport of Warsaw
      If you'd like to see other parts of Poland its well connection with main railway station and Okęcie airport (20 min by taxi).
      Maybe you want to visit a part of Poland
Lublin http://eng.zamek.lublin.pl/index.php?l=pl&r=1  
Kozłówka http://www.muzeumzamoyskich.pl/70,whats-on
Zamość  http://www.zamosc.pl/zamosc.php?get=page,629 
Maybe you want to visit famous cities of Poland i.e.
- capital city of Polish highest Tatra mountains. For the lovers of beautiful nature, summer hiking, climbing, skiing etc.
·         News
We had already four an exchange and one hospitality.
We are thinking about an exchange during the 2015-2016  to visit big cities 4-5 days.   

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  • Specialist chemical analyzes
  • Business Owner - engineering

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  • Specialist chemical analyzes
  • Business Owner - engineering


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Vorstellungstext über sich bzw. Ihre Familie

 About us …. 
We are a family of 4 persons.
Bozena works in National Medicines Institute.
Andrzej  have an owner business - AT engineering.
We have two teenagers:
older boy Maciek is 19 - he likes music, play a computer game and volleyball,
younger girl Asia is 17 - she likes to paint and interested in astronomy.  
            We together like travelling, our dream is travel and travel :- ), sightseeing all the word.


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