Gdańsk, Polen

oldest sons bedroom

oldest sons bedroom

Janger douther room

Janger douther room

kitchen table

kitchen table

a front of the house

a front of the house

Castel 50 km from our house

Castel 50 km from our house

Boys in the kitchen

Boys in the kitchen

oldest sons bedroom Janger douther room kitchen table a front of the house Castel 50 km from our house Boys in the kitchen

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Maybe Poland ? Only 5 minutes drive to old Tow Gdańsk, 3 minutes to public comunication

see film about Tricity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTvKj8kOAWk

We have got nice and spaceous house that we have just mooved in to. It is situated in 5 minutes walk from the center and 20 minutes walk from the old town. Gdańsk is very beautifull, romantik and misterious city, loved by foreigners.

We can exchange in any moment because in sammer time we live in our country house.
We are also open for exchanging hospitality.
We love people and other coultures.

Our house is 150 m2 and It is situated in the center of Gdańsk (it is a city with a very interesting history of Solidarność, Lech Wałęsa e.t.c.) It is 5 minutes walk from center of old town near the river and harbour.
There is many restaurants where you can eat fresh fish, tradicional polish food, good italian pizza, sushi or any food you like. pubs and bars with life music near by. Also museums and other activities like aquarium, cinemas, playgrounds, horse riding, bouts trips e.c.t.
We have here many nice places for romantic or familly walks.

The building was built at the begining of XX century and rooms are high and spaceus.
The kitchen is big, with big table and sofa, big window dour to the garden, very well organised.
There is 5 bedrooms and livingroom. Our bedroom, comfortable with dobblebed.
Bathroom with comfortable bath at first flour and shower with wc on groundlevel.
On the first flour there are alsow 2 girls beadrooms and 2 boys beadrooms with toys ready to play.

We also have nice private space for kids to play outside.

Here are few of atracions clouse to our flat.

We know everything about spending time with  kids or just two of us, so we are ready to advice and help.

About family:)

My husband is 41 yares old engineer. He likes to travel, construct things and spending time with our children. He is real familly man.
I am 36, I love hourses, rideing but most of horse whisspering. I also used to be a teacher of cheesmakeing and felt makeing courses.

We have got 5 wonderful kids;
14 years old Maria is piano player, sailor, fimo clay craft maker and chirfull soul
11 years old Filip is fisher, bird watcher and explorer. Greart loveing older brother
10 years old Lena horse rider and whisperrer, violin player. Very good in history, herbs, sweet and gentle creature.
Fryderyk is 7, loves to ride a bike, loves to learn and read and chaseing frogs
Jerzy is almost 4,5 , loved by everyone

 Our family is big, but our children are good educated and disciplined. We love to travel, and have been in many places already with all of them. Sometimes we travels just 2 of us.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us

klara & Rafał

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  • 2 Erwachsene
  • 5 Kind(er)
  • 2 Vollzogene Tausche


  • Master Engineer of sewage treatment plant
  • Master Engineer of sewage treatment plant

Unser Heim

  • Art des Heims: Haus
  • Etage: 0
  • Angaben zur Umgebung: In der Großstadt
  • Schlafzimmer: 5
  • Badezimmer: 2
  • Schlafplätze: 7
  • Wohnbereich: 30 m2


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  • Spielplatz
  • Grill
  • Fahrräder: 5


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Unsere Wunschziele

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  • England, UK
  • Spain
  • France

Bevorzugte Sprachen

  • Englisch
  • Deutsch
  • Polnisch

Unsere Wohnlage

Nächster Flughafen: Lech Wałęsa - 20 minutes

We live in the vicinity of the historic university campus. Our house has its own parking place and some space for children to play or relax. It is surrounded by historic houses in the English style and lots of greenery.
The tram is 3 minutes on foot and 10 minutes on the train. The city center and the old town of Gdansk can be reached in 10 minutes, and a quick exit to the beltway is close.
Only 15minutes away is historical and beautifull Sopot and modernPort and ship city of Gdynia with its famous aquarium.
We are only 30 minutes away from the beautiful beaches of the Wyspa Sobieszewska, a nature reserve and a bird's paradise, and 60 kilometers of beautiful Kashubia forests and lakes. In Wdzydze Kiszewskich 14-15Lipca, the largest fair in Europe takes place, where the area of ​​a beautiful, huge open-air museum can try regional dishes, see folk dances and buy beautiful handicrafts and healthy natural food.
At a distance of about 80 km, there is a village of Łeba, heavily commercialized but still full of charm with white beaches, delicious fish, a paradise for surfers.
Surfing enthusiasts will not scorn the trip to the city of Hel peninsula, which is also worth visiting, children willlike to fead seals from Baltic sea. You can also get there on the ferry with can be very actrattive way to rtavel, also with a bikes.
The Tri-City area is also full of attractions typical for children, modern theme parks and aquaparks.
And many others
We are happy to help with everything


  • Master Engineer of sewage treatment plant
  • Master Engineer of sewage treatment plant


  • Junge - Alter: 16
  • Junge - Alter: 10
  • Junge - Alter: 9
  • Mädchen - Alter: 14
  • Mädchen - Alter: 19


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Vorstellungstext über sich bzw. Ihre Familie

We are also looking for a youth exchange

We are a family with six children, Maria 17, Filip 14, Lena 12, Fryderyk 9, Jerzy 7 and 1,5 Konstancja. We live in Gdansk, in a historic house and beautiful surroundings next to the well-known beautiful university of Politechnika.
Rafał is 45 years old engineer and runs a small family business with father-in-law, he enjoys DIY, spending time with his family and taking care of our 8 hectare farm in the countryside.
Klara 40 years old, she teaches her children English which is her passion for many years, she works in the garden in the countryside, trains her horse and makes ripening cheese, she also loves to sew, make clay, travel.

Our children are very creative, sociable and positively oriented towards the world and people. They are interested in history, they play on the violin and guitar, they paint, they like to discuss.
Our eldest daughter, 17-year-old Maria, this year completes the Second Degree School of Music and goes to the Academy. After graduating, she dreams to study in London, where also live our cousins since 10 yers.
She is a very cheerful, contact girl, she is passionate about Jazz, dancing, composing on the piano. She is a very independent, obligate person.
We are looking for a youth exchange, so that Marysia could fulfill her dream and go for a week to London (or the surrounding area) to get acquainted with her dream university in London.
As we are a Catholic family associated with the Neocatechumenal community, it is important for us that she be able to participate in the weekly Eucharist.
We are happy to welcome young people from the UK in our beautiful Gdansk and we will treat them as one of our children. We are happy to show the possibilities of our city and the surrounding area, including our everyday life.
We are a very social family, we often meet with friends, our children also often have guests. We like cooking, playing games, sailing, ice skating and other activities.
We also have experience as a host family, for two months we hosted Lauren from New Zealand, who is our friend. Although she was a stranger to us, she became like a family now.

We are waiting to hear from you to invite Maria to exchange or invite her on some other terms. Maria is ready to go to the UK also as a babysitter or other help needed by her host family


We are a family with six children. Maria 16, Filip 13, Lena 11, Fryderyk 8, Jerzy 6 and Konstancja 1. We live in a historic house next to the historic Higher College of Technology.
Rafał, my husband is an engineer and I deal with running a house. We all love traveling and have visited many countries, although we do not always travel all together.
We spend a lot of free time in our country house, Rafał likes to tinker and I do gardening, making cheese, sewing and all kinds of DIY
We like to invite guests together to make music and in the summer we have been organizing a camp for all our friends' children for 6 years. In winter, we go skiing, sledding. We also have horses in the countryside. I am very interested in horse whispering, and for some time we have been organizing rides.
We are eager to get to know other cultures and people from all over the world, we often also have people in the mission, as we are involved in the life of the ecclesial community.
We are open to exchange as well as to hospitality.
We like our city and we think that it gives a lot of opportunities to both families with children and people traveling together.
We are happy to help you organize your time here.


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