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Thinking About Home Exchange

So, if you've made it this far you are probably wondering what all you are going to need to think about before you make your first vacation swap. At the beginning, it's a bunch of things, but once you've got them in place it'll be a lot easier the next time around. Below we've gathered together a list of suggestions to help you feel secure in your decision.

How do I find the perfect exchange partner?

First, it's important to know that it takes some initiative to make an exchange happen. We try to make it as simple as possible though. Our members contact each other directly using our integrated messaging system to start a dialog that could lead to an exchange. It is not unusual to make and receive several offers before you find just the right partner. Our online system supports many different types of alternative holiday forms.

How can I be sure that the exchange will be equal?

Many exchangers with large homes would be happy to trade for an adequate apartment/condominium in central Paris, London, Rome or San Francisco. Others are looking for a quiet getaway. An exchange is "equal" when both parties are satisfied with their arrangements.

Who would ever want to come to my area?

You'll be surprised! Take some time writing extra text for your listing and tell potential exchange partners all about your neighbourhood, why you love living there, what can they see and do in the region. Don't forget, your partner will be on holiday and has time to explore. Everyone lives near something interesting, because "interesting" is often nothing more than the unfamiliar.

What about exchanging cars?

In many cases an exchange of cars is an important part of the exchange deal, but not always. It's a good idea to think clearly about whether you are comfortable driving in New York City or London.

As for insurance, often your car insurance policy will already cover guest drivers. If it doesn't you can supplement your regular policy with additional short-term specific coverage for the length of your exchange. It is important to discuss this with your insurance agent and your exchange partner and agree in advance how to handle the responsibilities and liabilities for the financial aspect.

Speaking of insurance, what about my home insurance?

Do check with your insurance provider and let them know that you will have guests while you are gone. Most companies will tell you that an unoccupied home is a bigger risk for theft and vandalism than an occupied one and they are happy to know that yours won't be sitting empty while you are away. Ask if there are any special arrangements you need to make, and don't forget to let your exchange partner know about any insurance requirements for locking doors, activating alarm systems, etc. This should be included in the information packet about your home that you will leave for them.

We have special needs, can we still arrange an exchange?

Intervac's listing codes cover many preferences related to home exchange. From non-smoking, to handicapped accessible, from pet care to private swimming pool You can add an unlimited amount of text to your listing. Go ahead and detail your needs clearly so that the perfect exchange partner (who is searching for you too) can find you.

How Do I Get Started?

It's easy, just fill out our short registration and pay your membership fee or choose our trial membership. It's good for 7 days and gives you nearly full access to our site. Then begin building your listing right away.

INTERVAC listings are intended to convey a clear description of your residence, your family, and where and when you would like to travel. Personal preferences such as no smoking or no pets should also be noted in your listing. So come on!

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